Our Program
The Penn State Behrend Early Learning Center opened in the fall of 1993 in an effort to provide high quality child care services to Penn State Behrend students, faculty, staff, alumni and the Erie community.  In order to ensure the highest quality of care, staff are scheduled to maintain staff-to-child ratios that are lower than mandated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This allows for smaller group sizes and more individualized care.

Staff -to-Child Ratios

                  State Ratio
Center Ratio
Infants (6 weeks - 9 months)
Young Toddler (9 - 18 months)
                         1:4 (1:5 at 12 months)
Toddler (18 - 28 months)
                         1:5 (1:6 at 24 months)
Older Toddler (28 - 36 months)
PK1 (3 - 4 1/2 yrs.)
PK2 (4 1/2 - 6 yrs.)

Each classroom is supervised by a Lead Teacher with a degree. Assistant Teachers have education with experience. Student aides are trained in all aspects of child care and are scheduled to help at peak times. 

Our Mission...
We promote high quality early care and education and support positive relationships among children, families and staff. 

Our Philosophy... 
The first environment outside the home is extremely important to the development of young children. The Penn State Behrend Early Learning Center provides a warm, supportive environment in which children are encouraged to explore their individuality, to develop positive feelings about learning and to reach their fullest potential. Daily experiences are planned for all areas of a child's development - physical, social, emotional, and cognitive. Our program is designed to provide preschool and child care services for children from ages 6 weeks to 6 years. 

Our Goals... 
Child Care Early Learning Center Penn State ErieTo support parents in meeting the responsibilities of raising children by providing care that is consistent with 
home care.
Child Care Early Learning Center Penn State ErieTo maintain open lines of communication with parents, keeping them informed about their child's growth and progress.
 Child Care Early Learning Center Penn State ErieTo recognize and respect the uniqueness of each child.
 Child Care Early Learning Center Penn State ErieTo provide developmentally appropriate programs that enhance a child's overall development through hands-on learning.
  Child Care Early Learning Center Penn State ErieTo promote a tolerance and understanding of individuals different from ourselves.